Suffering With a Sprained Ankle? See Your Local Armadale Physiotherapist For Professional Care

This article discusses the major differences between minor and severe ankle sprains.
Minor ankle sprains
Minor ankle sprains are very common. Everyone has experience it at some stage in their life, some more than others. This often happens during some sort of activities, e.g. sports, walking, running, gym, etc. Ankle sprains are related to the joint and ligaments around the ankle. An ankle sprain can happen on either side of the ankle, depending on the activity and position of the person. […]

Clinical Pilates Available in Armadale

Pilates exercise was founded by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) in the 1920s.  He was an exercise enthusiast and called his method “contrology” with the main emphasis on controlling mind, body and spirit.  Clinical Pilates is an adaption of Joseph Pilate’s original work and founded on the principles of improving segmental stability and functional movement using specialised equipment. Over the past few decades clinical pilates has been adapted from the more strenuous form used by dancers to a safer approach suitable for the mainstream exercise/rehabilitation arena. Clinical Pilates is based on many concepts and is constantly evolving with regard to current research into anatomy/physiology and spinal stability. The fundamentals of Clinical Pilates are […]

Is your painful knee limiting your training?

One of the most common presentations at a Sports Physiotherapy Clinic is anterior (front) knee pain.  The knee is a hinge joint which is made up of the articulation(joining) of the femur and the tibia, meniscus or shock absorbing material and articular cartilage which smooths the surface of the bones at the joint, allowing precise and pain free movement.  Other structures including ligaments, muscles and bursa also give integrity to the knee joint.    Most people do not consider their patella (kneecap) when attempting to attribute a cause to their knee pain.  The kneecap is part of another joint in the knee called the patellofemoral joint.  It is here that two of the most common sporting injury presentations lie;  […]

What’s the deal with `weak ankles` that are always getting sprained?

Here’s some important imformation from your Armadale Physiotherapist to help you overcome chronically sprained ankles!
Basic Anatomy
The ankle forms the area around the joint between the lower parts of the tibia and fibula and the tarsal […]

Important Advice: Armadale Physiotherapist – The way To Avoid Pain Producing Posture, Unbalanced Spinal Curves, and perhaps Avert Becoming A Hunchback!

Author: Armadale Physiotherapist There’s great reason why our parents as well as teachers nagged us to “avoid slouching, stand up straight and take shoulders back!”  Good posture is a significant part of great health…whilst poor posture may […]

What’s the difference between Pilates and Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a kind of workout introduced by Joseph Pilates quite a few years ago. Joseph constructed gear and exercises on that gear to imitate normal body motion. Pilates has emerged into a well-liked form of […]

You Need to Take Care of Your Body During Travel – A handful of Beneficial Ideas From Your Armadale Physiotherapist

Are you about to go on a long flight or journey? Here are a couple of useful things you can do to keep your body feeling comfortable and overcome the strain of travel…
While Traveling by […]

Mild Muscle Pain and Sleep Disturbance

Massage therapy is a modern day health practice chosen to manage and treat muscular pain, tension and stiffness, especially of the neck, shoulders and back.
New research suggests that there is a relationship between mild muscle […]

Local Armadale Massage Therapist: Let’s Consider Massage and why it makes you relax

As our lives get busier and we take on more responsibility, our stress levels begin to rise.
Stress affects people in many ways. It is an issue that needs to be addressed before our body becomes […]

Acupuncture and the Management of Pain and Discomfort

Acupuncture has been used for centuries in the management of pain. Acupuncture treatments involve treating the body as a whole therefore not only reducing the pain immediately but working toward preventing further pain in the […]

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