Help For Jaw Pain and Face Pain in Armadale

A Quick Overview of TMJ Disorder

The TMJ or jaw is a common area that can become injured or sprained causing jaw pain or ache, face pain, ear pain, neck pain or headaches. These conditions are called TMD or TMJ Disorder. These commonly occurs due to clenching or grinding (bruxing) of the teeth due to stress. Continual grinding and clenching causes spasm and pain in the muscles that close the jaw and may cause inflammation of other associated structures around the jaw joint. TMJ Disorder can also be as a result of dental work where the mouth is stretched open for an extended period. This may lead to the disc being pulled out of place by one of the muscles (lateral pterygoid) that attach to it and result in a “clicky” jaw. TMJ Disorder can also result from trauma such a punch to the jaw or face or impact from an accident. This can result in a fracture or dislocation of the jaw bone or damage to the cartilage disc inside the joint.

Specialised Treatment of TMJ Disorder

Not all physiotherapists are experienced treating TMJ disorder. The Jaw and mouth is often thought to be the domain of the dental profession alone and so many physiotherapists shy away from working inside the mouth. More Than Physio provides specialised Physiotherapy treatment for jaw pain and face pain to local areas of Armadale, Malvern, Toorak, Bentleigh and McKinnon. This specialised treatment is provided by our associated Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre located onsite at 1199 High St, Armadale. The physiotherapists at the Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre have extensive experience managing TMJ (Jaw) conditions and face pain .

Click here to visit the Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre website for more information on these conditions, management and to book an appointment.

Please Note: More Than Physio’s New Patient Special Offer does NOT apply to those seeking our TMJ/face pain service.