One of the most common presentations at a Sports Physiotherapy Clinic is anterior (front) knee pain.  The knee is a hinge joint which is made up of the articulation(joining) of the femur and the tibia, meniscus or shock absorbing material and articular cartilage which smooths the surface of the bones at the joint, allowing precise and pain free movement.  Other structures including ligaments, muscles and bursa also give integrity to the knee joint.    Most people do not consider their patella (kneecap) when attempting to attribute a cause to their knee pain.  The kneecap is part of another joint in the knee called the patellofemoral joint.  It is here that two of the most common sporting injury presentations lie;  Patellofemoral syndrome and Patellar tendinopathy.  The importance of the location of the pain, the aggravating activities, associated clicking, giving way or swelling are all crucial factors when making a diagnosis.  For example if the pain is on the medial(inside) of the kneecap then the patellofemoral joint is the likely cause, if the pain is at the base of the kneecap then it may be involving the patellar tendon.  If the pain is on the outside or lateral aspect of the knee cap then there may be some type of friction or muscular involvement (iliotibial band friction syndrome: another common cause of knee pain).


The activities that bring the onset of the knee pain are also important in making a diagnosis and further impacting on the type of treatment.  If the pain is brought on by running, steps or stairs and hills then it is more likely a patellofemoral syndrome, whereas if the pain has been brought on by sports involving jumping and landing then it is more likely to be a patellar tendinopathy.  It is important to get a correct diagnosis from your Physiotherapist as the rehabilitation for each condition varies. 


Anterior knee pain may be caused by: excessive pronation or abnormal biomechanics of the foot and lower limb, soft tissue tightness, muscle dysfunction or training factors, it is your Physiotherapists job to correct these with a carefully structured rehabilitation program.


At  More than Physio we offer a program that starts with careful diagnosis and then progresses from hands on treatment to functional rehabilitation.  After your rehabilitation goals are met your Personal Trainer will continue your rehabilitation in line with the Physiotherapists advice, achieving the best possible team outcome for you.


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