Massage therapy is a modern day health practice chosen to manage and treat muscular pain, tension and stiffness, especially of the neck, shoulders and back.


New research suggests that there is a relationship between mild muscle pain (non- specific or debilitating) and sleep disturbances.


Due to the growing interest in the role of sleep and pain processing studies have shown; people with sleep disturbances have enhanced pain sensitivity, depression and an increased risk of chronic disease.


As well as disturbance and/or restriction of healthy sleep it has also shown to impact upon the metabolic and endocrine balance of the body, which in turn could directly or indirectly involve muscular pain and soft tissue disease.


Therefore sleep deprivation can cause an increased pain response to normal painful stimuli and a painful response to non-painful stimuli. This is due to the reduced suppression of pain, by the brain.


Massage therapy can not only help to relax you, decrease your stress levels, decrease muscle tension and pain, but it can help to make sure you sleep well and wake rejuvenated. Massage therapy is an enjoyable and gentle way to thank your body for getting you through the days. Be kind and reward you body. 


And remember it is important to get enough sleep as this will make sure your pain levels do not become overly sensitive.


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