I was away for the weekend in the city and the hotel had a “pillow menu“. Hotels are now getting clued into how important this is. So many people complain about the bad pillows they encounter in hotels, yet when I question them about their own pillows, they are far from orthopedicaly sound.

SO, the take home message here is to ensure you have a pillow that is suitable for you. This means that is fully supports your head (and thus needs to be fairly firm) and keeps it inline with ther rest of your spine. This will ensure that your neck joints and muscles are in the best position and are your muscles are allowed to fully relax.

You wouldnt sleep on a bad matress from a cheap shop, so don’t make the same mistake with your pillow. Give us a call if you want us to evaluate you on your own pillow to see if its doing the job.

Have a peaceful sleep.