Sports Injuries – Armadale

sports injuriesSporting injuries have two very broad causes either from overload or a traumatic event.

If the cause is over training leading to tissue stress then the treatment plan will include reducing the load through the injured structure to allow it to heal. This can be done in many ways depending on the injury but may include complete rest, moon boot, strapping, bracing and padding.

Once the injury has settled the treatment plan moves to rehabilitating the injured structure to promote function and reduce risk of re-injury. If the mechanism of injury is a traumatic event either from impact or an awkward landing then the injured site is offloaded and rested to allow it to heal.

Rehabilitation is then started as soon as soon as possible but as it’s a sudden injury from an outside source in most cases the rehabilitation is much shorter. However it is still important to bring the injured structure back to pre injury strength and function, otherwise re-injury and compensation is much more likely.