Childhood Foot Issues – Armadale

The foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones and 35 joints, held together and supported by lots of ligaments and controlled by many muscles. As a child progresses to walking it takes a little time for the muscles, tendons and ligaments to strengthen to support their weight.

Sometimes however, children experience problems with their legs and feet which makes mastering the art of walking a little more difficult. Conditions such as flat feet, pigeon toes, bow legs and knock knees are quite common amongst young children and should resolve between the ages of 4 and 7 years.

In most cases these common foot and leg problems do not require medical interventions. If they persist into mid-late childhood or if they are painful or have been caused by an injury or infection, then your child may need to consult one of our experienced Podiatrists to assist with correct foot development.