Ingrown Toenails – Armadale

Ingrown toe nails are a very common thing seen in podiatry. A few things can cause ingrown toe nails and are listed below:

  • Cutting the nail down the sides, instead of just across: This actually encourages the toe nail to re-grow in a curved way which then presses on the nerves down the sulcus thus causing pain. In some cases a ‘nail spike’ is found in which it looks like a fish hook that can cause tears in the skin leaving an opening for bacteria to enter which can cause infection.
  • Excessive pronation or supination: when a person rolls in too much (pronation) it can cause a lot of pressure to be placed on the nail and its sulcus. Repetitive trauma to the nail can encourage the nail to curve inward thus making it becoming ingrown. Controlling the way that the foot moves during walking and running with the use of orthotics can prevent in grown toe nails and improve symptoms.

ingrown-toenailsIf an ingrown toe nail cannot be managed through orthotic therapy or through basic clearing of the sulcus, surgery may be warranted to either partially remove or completely remove the nail depending on its severity.

If it appears that you have an ingrown toe nail that is infected, it is recommended that salt water foot baths should be used at home. This will aid in cleansing the infected area and to drain any excessive fluid.