Get a Kick out of our Knee Pain Treatments

knee-painIt’s well known in the fields of Physiotherapy and Podiatry that foot structure and function influence the movement of the knee during walking and running. An individual who might excessively pronate or supinate can develop symptoms. If a person’s feet excessively pronate (roll in), then this can cause the tibia (shin bone) to also rotate inwards excessively, adversely affecting knee function.

In addition, if there is not enough motion at the hip in order to rotate inwards as well, then the femur (thigh bone) cannot rotate inwards. As a result, you can get a ‘grinding’ effect of the tibia on the femur which can cause inflammation and pain. This is commonly seen in distance runners, dancers and jumpers.

Our Sports Podiatrist is experienced at assessing your whole lower limb function to determine the source of your knee pain. We also work closely with our experienced Physiotherapists on our team who may assist in your management if required. To take advantage of our specialised and focused knee pain treatments Armadale and South Eastern Suburb based clients can call us TODAY on 03 9824 8868 to make an appointment with our Sports Podiatrist or one of our Expert Physiotherapists.