Shin Splints Armadale

shin-splintsMedial tibial stress syndrome or shin splints, is an overuse injury that presents as pain in the lower half of the shin bone during and after activity.

The most likely cause of injury is muscle overload that pulls on the covering of the tibia bone, however impact force travelling up the bone has also been hypothesized to be the mechanism of injury.

Treatment involves rest from aggravating activity usually running, icing the leg, massaging the periosteum (the covering tissue of the bone) and surrounding muscles, and improving mechanics by strapping, stretching, strengthening, orthotics and changing footwear.

Return to activity is an important step in the rehabilitation process and usually involves a lot of low impact cross training and learning how to jump and land effectively. If shins splints are not managed properly early then it has been shown to lead to a stress fracture of the tibia.