Kinesiology means the study of movement. Spidertech Kinesiology taping is a type of therapeutic taping that is gaining in popularity amongst therapists and elite sports people the world over. Normal fleshy coloured rigid tape that has been used for ages is much stiffer and has been used forever to strap a body part to protect an injury. The problem is that it limits normal movement. Here is where Spidertech Kinesiology taping comes in..

Kinesiology taping is manufactured to mimic the properties of skin. It is a very lightweight, non-allergenic cotton taping that has a 30% stretch to it.

It has 3 basic uses:
• Its used for supporting the body while it moves, rather than blocking movement. This supported movement helps the body deal with pain.
• It can be used to reduce swelling from an injury and speed up recovery
• It is mostly used to reduce pain sensations and thereby help the body restore more normal muscle activity.It stays on for up to 5 days, constantly stimulating your body to override pain sensation, thus providing you “therapy” between treatment sessions.

How does it do all that?

By stimulating receptors in the skin using the specialised taping applications, trained physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and myotherapists can now have an overriding effect on the transmission of the pain messages to the brain. If the brain isn’t receiving the pain signals, it figures that it doesn’t need to make the muscles go into protective spasm. Clever, aren’t we?

Spidertech is the only company to manufacture Pre Cut taping applications for different body parts. This means that the taping application can be consistently re-applied to your skin in an effective accurate re-producible manner. Its also means that someone can be taught to reapply the tape to you at home or while you are away, giving you longer lasting benefits.

As for the bright colours of the tape, opinions differ as to if they actually make a difference or not, my information is they don’t, but they do keep things cheerful!

So next time you can see anyone with this type of taping, you will know they are getting “therapy between treatment sessions”

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