Are you about to go on a long flight or journey? Here are a couple of useful things you can do to keep your body feeling comfortable and overcome the strain of travel…

While Traveling by air:

  • Keep well hydrated – mineral water is superior to alcoholic beverages

  • Request an aisle seating – making getting up less difficult

  • Move – attempt to get up and move about just about every few hours. It will help to  prevent stress on the back from extented sitting as well as lessen the probability of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  • Do back bends each time you stand up – positioning your hands on your bottom, lean back into your hands Ten times and keep for 10 seconds each time.

  • Have an (empty) hot water bottle with you on the airplane – hot water is always available and helps to unwind tight back and neck muscles. Warm water bottles do not weigh very much.

  • Make use of a inflatable neck pillow in order to support your neck while dozing off.

  • In case you have a very sensitive lower back – roll-up the offered blanket or use the small pillow in the small of your back while seated.


  • When packing – spread the weight of your travel luggage evenly between your suitcases avoiding having one really heavy case.

  • Consider using a back pack as carry on luggage as opposed to other cases that could need to be constantly lifted.

  • Take care of your back when lifting cases – bend your knees whilst keeping your back straight.


  • Don’t we all dislike hotel pillows! It’s well worth taking your own pillow in case you have a good one OR purchasing a lightweight comfortable travel pillow. These are sold at More Than Physio.

  • Refrain from resting on your stomach – side lying is the most suitable with a pillow between knees.

Of course, we would like you to know that these suggestions is general and supplied courtesy of the Physiotherapists at More Than Physio. If you have particular enquires or distinctive situations, make sure you contact us or your medical doctor for more precise advice.