Detailed and Delicious Meal Plans for a Healthier You

clinical nutritionAs our name suggests the experts at More Than Physio strive to provide personalised advice and guidance based on the particular needs and requirements of our clients, in addition to our detailed physiotherapy treatments. Since opening our doors 20 years ago we have directly improved the health and wellbeing of countless clients living throughout Melbourne’s South East. By working closely with our valued clients we can deliver focused Clinical Nutrition Plans and advice from our Armadale clinic.

If you have noticed that you are constantly feeling tired or fatigued then the issue could be your diet. As trained Clinical Nutritionists we can help draft meal plans and diaries once we have assessed your current eating behaviours and trends. Perfect for helping improve the quality of life of our clients and the performance of athletes, our approach to clinical nutrition is just what Armadale residents need. To make an appointment to begin your journey to better health call us today on 03 9824 8868. FREE 15 minute introductory Clinical Nutrition sessions are available.