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Knee Pain

knee pain

Knee Pain Caulfield North

Knee pain can be the result of ‘new use’ (a new activity you are not conditioned for), ‘overuse’(doing more of your regular activity than you are conditioned for – like going from doing a 5km, jog to a 15 km jog too quickly), or ‘abuse’ (doing an activity in an inappropriate way – like playing tennis in the wrong shoes or even in your Ugg boots). Trauma – such as a twist or tackle in sport is another way that knee joints and structures can become strained, inflamed or injured.

Taking a detailed history from Caulfield North knee pain sufferers and performing a thorough examination is essential in understanding what has gone wrong and how we need to help you overcome that. Our experienced physiotherapists, osteopaths and remedial massage therapists will then tailor a treatment program to settle down your knee pain symptoms and then help improve your technique and strength so that you can go back to doing what you love. If further investigation is required our therapists will be able to guide you to make that happen in a timely way so that we are able to help you get to the bottom of the issue expediently.

Caulfield North is a beautiful area to live and walk around in, so don’t suffer knee pain unnecessarily, call us today on 98248868 or book an appointment online

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