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Headaches And Migraines

Make Headaches and Migraines History

At More Than Physio our talented therapists are passionate about improving the lives of our clients through focused and targeted physical treatments as well as education and instruction with regards to self-care practices and exercises. A highly common physical complaint, headaches and migraines range from mildly irritating to debilitating and extremely painful interruptions that can continue despite the use of painkillers and other medications.

While headaches can occur with regularity to the point that they are disregarded, chronic and persistent migraines can be an indication of a larger physical problem that is not being addressed. Thanks to our knowledge in treating headaches and migraines Caulfield North residents and beyond can trust More Than Physio to assist them with overcoming or lessening this condition.

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Malvern’s First Choice for Effective Headache Relief

Headaches Malvern

Caused by a number of factors including poor posture, eye-strain, jaw clenching, environmental factors, diet, working conditions and stress, headaches affect countless Malvern residents daily, lasting differing lengths of time based on the cause and the health of the patient. Don’t be a statistic, call 03 9824 8868 TODAY to live a life free of headaches.

Finding and Treating the Cause of Headaches

Headaches Prahran

At More Than Physio we can assist our valued clients in determining the cause of, and applying effective treatment to, headaches and migraines. From the moment you come to our clinic our experienced physiotherapists & osteopaths will take a thorough history and perform a detailed examination to diagnose the issue. Once we have ascertained the cause we can begin treating the headaches suffered daily by Prahran residents and beyond. In addition to our expert hands-on treatment techniques, education and self care advice, appropriate rehabilitation exercise forms part of our effective approach.

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Migraines Prahran

Thanks to our focused and detailed approach to your health, our clients can rely on More Than Physio to help improve their quality of life. By choosing to ignore their migraines, Prahran locals will be subjecting themselves to unnecessary pain and suffering. Using our innovative methods and hands-on techniques our experienced physiotherapists & osteopaths can reduce the effect that neck joint stiffness, nerve irritation and muscle tension has on your head. Identifying provocative postures and habits also forms part of our successful approach. To book an appointment for a comprehensive headache and migraine assessment call us TODAY on 03 9824 8868.

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