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Back Pain

Stand Tall with our Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain Caulfield North

Have you been suffering from continued and debilitating back pain that prevents you from standing or sitting with comfort? At More Than Physio we strive to identify and treat the cause of back pain affecting the lower back region of the spine and the surrounding muscles. Thanks to our renowned back pain treatments Caulfield North clients can rely on us to help improve their mobility and comfort.

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Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Using innovative techniques that have been personalized to the patient’s individual needs and requirements our physiotherapy & osteopathy treatments can help increase muscle strength, while also easing muscle tension caused by poor posture and strain. After being diagnosed through extensive orthopaedic, neurological, and direct spinal inspection and examination our physiotherapists & osteopaths can ease in relieving and treating lower back pain. Our hands-on treatment is complimented by specific rehabilitative exercises to improve postural loading on the spine in activities of daily life and even while sleeping. Educating you about what habits to avoid and which new ones to adopt is a key part in us helping you make long term changes. Following on from our hands-on treatment, our spinal rehabilitative programs assist you to strengthen your deep spinal muscles, improve range of spinal motion and help restore overall function so that you can safely return to your loved activities or sport. Ask one of our friendly staff about this once you have completed your expert hands-on treatment.

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Targeted Back Pain Relief for Glen Iris Locals

Back Pain Glen Iris

At More Than Physio we know just how much of a negative impact back pain can have on the daily life of our clients. Whether a by-product of another issues such as arthritis, the compression of the spinal column affecting the spine’s nerve system, or a persistent chronic issue, back pain should not be ignored by Glen Iris residents and other Melbournians. More Than Physio is the perfect clinic to assist you to not only settle down your back pain but to help you make long lasting changes to the function of your spine so that you can engage in life’s joys more safely. Our proven approach combines both specialised hands-on treatment of your spinal muscles and joints, combined with education, self-care exercise, and rehabilitation programs. Call TODAY on 9824-8868 to book your Physiotherapy appointment and say good-bye to back pain.



For Pregnancy Back Pain Attention Call More Than Physio

Pregnancy Back Pain Caulfield North

One of the more common physical complaints from expectant mothers is enduring back pain during their pregnancy. Through assessing the patient’s condition and level of pain, More Than Physio can determine the best, safe treatment techniques to help provide lasting relief back pain from our Caulfield North clinic. Our physiotherapists & osteopath are experienced in assisting many expectant mothers to overcome and manage their back pain as their bodies change though their pregnancy. Special pregnancy treatment table tops makes treatment, safe, comfortable and effective. To make an appointment with our therapists or to learn more about the causes and treatments of lower back pain call us TODAY on 9824 8868.

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