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Poor Posture

poor posture
Caulfield North adults teenagers and children don’t need to suffer the pains of poor posture – relief is at hand

All activities require the body to be moved or held in place for periods of time. Posture is a generic term that is used to describe what positions the body is held in. Not only awake activities constitute posture. Sleeping position is posture as well.

The more frequent use of mobile devices, laptops in schools and uni’s is a huge cause of postural pains and stresses on the body – the so called ‘tech neck’ is one frequent issue we see becoming more common. Lower back pain is another common complaint arising from poor postures. This may arise from carrying the ridiculously heavy school bags or from sitting in unsupportive chairs / couches , like the hours teenagers spends playing X-box or binge watching Netfix. Headaches are another common complaint that Caulfield North residents suffer because of poor postures.

And then, when the body should be fully resting and recovering at night, sleeping in unsupportive positions and using inappropriate pillows will further stress the neck and back.

Postural strains and issues are amenable to improvement where our therapists will not only treat you to make your neck or back feel pain-free and mobile, but also educate you about what to change and equip you with exercises and stretches to help look after your spine – because we only get one.

People of Caulfield North, don’t suffer in silence, call us today on 9824-8868 or book online to say goodbye to postural strain and pain so you can get with doing the things you love.

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