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Suffering From Short-Term or Ongoing Back or Neck Pain or Stiffness?

A uniquely tailored rehabilitation program using computerized exercise devices with feedback screen. Based on your detailed assessment criteria and normative comparative data, our rehabilitation program can help relieve the associated pain and dysfunction. Supervised by our specially trained Exercise Physiologists working in conjunction with our Healthy Backs Physiotherapists your program and progress will be closely monitored.

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This rehabilitation program is not just exercise, it is a precise, targeted clinical treatment approach to help address pain and limited mobility. The Healthy Backs program is likely to assist you in resuming your general activites of daily living such as :

  • Being able to sit at a desk for a period of time with reduced pain & discomfort
  • Resuming your hobbies such as gardening, painting etc with less pain or stiffness
  • Being able to carry your children or grandchildren with less pain and discomfort
  • Participating in your sporting activites like golf, tennis, running, ball sports with less stiffness or pain

Whether you have been enduring chronic neck, upper back, lower back pain or sciatica or suffer from niggling aches and pains, the following conditions are likely to be suitable for this method of treatment:

  • Sciatica (Back, Hip & Leg)
  • Upper/Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Sports Injuries & Back Trauma
  • Spinal Nerve Compression
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylosis
  • Post Spinal or Abdominal Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylothesis
  • Stress Induced Tension & Stiffness
  • Non-Specific Lower Back Pain
  • Bulging & Herniated Discs
  • Muscular Dysfunction (Lumbo-Sacral Region)
  • Postural Dysfunction Teenage and Adult
  • Post Pregnancy Core Muscle Rehabilitation

How Does It Work?

Healthy Backs computerized devices are each able to support the body while isolating one specific spinal movement. This enables the user to target the deeper layer of muscles responsible for spinal function. These muscles often do not function normally following pain and injury (Deconditioning cycle) and are difficult to target for rehabilitation without precision.

Patient-controlled isolated movements – with guided feedback from the computer screen attached to each device (showing range of movement and speed of movement) – enables specific, low impact exercises with increasing resistance over time as the muscles become stronger (Reconditioning cycle).

Stronger deep spinal muscles provide better dynamic support to each level of the spine, helping to reduce pain and improve quality of movement.

Automatic Progress Tracking

Based on your initially assessed pain and strength levels together with any reported history of spinal issues, a customised program is drawn up by your Exercise Physiologiest, working closely with our Physiotherapists. Once you begin your program, your strength, range and quality of movement is tracked for every individual exercise in each session. On-screen visual feedback helps guide and monitor you. Periodic re-assessment helps to show quantifiable progress in measured criteria with reference to your own starting scores and in comparision to norms for age, height, weight and gender.

Treatment Sessions

Depending on your level of pain and strength of muscles, a program of sessions lasting between 6 – 12 weeks is generally recommended. Sessions are performed twice per week, fully clothed, and last approx 30-45 minutes each.

At the end of each session, a graphic analysis of your performance and progress is reviewed.

About The Devices

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ISO 13485 certified equipment used by the Healthy Back Solutions pain management clinics

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Precisely targets 30 points across your spine to gently strengthen your back and neck

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Equipped with a motivating biofeedback computer screen that shows your movement in each exercise as well as your progress

Healthy Back Solutions devices are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, ARTG #244352. View listing at Click Here for listing Our Healthy Back Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists will advise you whether Healthy Back Solutions is suitable for you/your condition.

About Us – We’re glad you asked! Meet the team.

Darron Goralsky ,BSc Physiotherapy

Darron Goralsky

BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) MAPA,Post Grad Cert Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy ,Craniosacral Therapist (Upledger),Clinical Pilates Instructor
Principal Physiotherapist Craniosacral Therapist, Clinic Director

Professor John Carlson

PhD (Illinois), Dip PE (Melb), MSc (Kansas)
Director of Research

Geoffrey Mackay

BAppSc (Human Performance), BAppSc (Physiotherapy)
Director of Clinical Practice

Alex Maratos, BAppSci, Exercise Physiologist

Alex Maratos

BAppSci (Human Movement), MSc (ExSciRehab)
Exercise Physiologist

Debbie Spanos, BSc (Physiotherapy), Physiotherapist

Debbie Spanos

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Kim Cusack, BSc Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Adv Cert Dr Needling

Kim Cusack

BSc Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Adv Cert Dr Needling

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We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your evaluation.

  • Conducted by an Exercise Physiologist
  • Lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • Includes a detailed screening of your current back or neck pain issue to gain some understanding of how your pain or other issue is affecting your function and activities of daily living
  • If suitable, a trial on some of the devices to experience how it feels to use them
  • You will receive an opinion from us on the suitability of the treatment for your particular condition, and the opportunity to have your questions answered
  • If suitable, you will be offered a program which lasts for between 6 – 12 weeks, depending on your pain level and muscle conditions.

    • 1:1: $75
    • Group: $55
    • Assisted Maintenance: $55
    • Non-Assisted Maintenance: $20
  • Depending on your particular Private Health Insurance plan, the assessment and sessions may be claimable under Extras Cover for Exercise Physiology

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More Than Physio

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Monday to Thursday: 8am – 7:30pm,
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1199 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143

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(03) 9824 8868 or

Next door to the Armadale Pharmacy
and directly opposite the Goodlife Gym

Your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will advise you whether Healthy Back Solutions is suitable for you/your condition. Results may vary. Healthy Back Solutions devices are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, ARTG #244352. View listing at by clicking here or search listing at information on this site is intended for visitors from Australia only.

The ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) 2017 Clinic of the Year Award was awarded to the network of Healthy Back Solutions clinics which includes the clinic listed on this page. View further details at by clicking here

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