Coloured SpiderTech Kinesiology Taping Takes Centre Stage at Australian Open Final

You heard the commentators talk about it.
You saw the players wearing it.

So what’s with all the different coloured tapes that tennis players Li Na and Novak Djokovic were brandishing on their finely tuned bodies in their respective Australian Open finals matches?

It’s called kinesiology tape and would you believe it’s been around over 30 years?
First developed by Japanese Chiropractor, kinesiology tape is made from a cotton weave which is lightweight and elastic to mimic the properties of skin.
You may have first noticed it on many of the Beijing Olympics athletes, and it is now becoming more utilised in the mainstream by athletes and their therapists.
What’s so special about kinesiology tape you may ask yourself?

Kinesiology taping offers many unique benefits not traditionally available from the more rigid types of sports strapping / tape:
It provides a support to the body while it moves without preventing normal movement
It can be used to reduce swelling and bruising and so speeds up healing
It can be used to reduce pain and thus normalise muscle activity normally affected by pain.
It can be used to prevent injury in an area by supporting it and optimising muscular activity to support the body part it is used on.

There are many different brands on the market of varying qualities of the tape (and the adhesive). This is important bearing in mind that kinesiology tape can be worn for up to 7 days while exercising and going about normal daily activities. The better the quality, the less likely it is to cause skin irritation and the longer it will last.
SpiderTech is an innovative company leading the way in the field of Kinesiology taping with their premium quality, ingenious patented “pre-cut applications” and their single minded focus on therapist education. SpiderTech’s biomechanically designed pre-cut shapes for each body part makes application much quicker and more easily re-producible to deliver consistently good benefits. As a physiotherapist I can tell you that time is of the essence when you are treating many patients and having something easy, more accurate and time efficient to apply makes a lot of sense.
Don’t just take my word for it. Athletes can also tell the difference. Since her Australian Open success, Li Na has just joined the SpiderTech Team of sponsored athletes. The astute Novak Djokovic was also very keen to use Spidertech shoulder application in his Australian Open final. At his physios request I dropped some off for him over the weekend which was prominently displayed on his right shoulder each time he removed his shirt.
You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit. Spidertech taping is helpful for many conditions and is benefitting the general population in all age groups.

So, now you know there is more to Kinesiology taping & SpiderTech than a fashion trend.
Next time you have an injury or want to prevent one, be sure to ask your physio to” SpiderTech tape you!”

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Darron Goralsky
Physiotherapist & Education Consultant for SpiderTech Aus & NZ