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Jaw Pain Malvern


Professional Bruxism Treatments In Melbourne For Teeth Grinders

Bruxism Treatment Malvern

Are you suffering from teeth grinding? If you’re waking up with headaches, jaw and tooth pains or have developed more dental problems recently, there is a high chance you’re suffering from bruxism. At More Than Physio, our fully qualified and highly experienced bruxism treatment team can provide Malvern locals with the right hands on therapy and medical advice that will help fix, manage and prevent your teeth grinding.


The Bruxism Treatment Specialists Malvern Locals Can Trust

As one of the most damaging conditions that can cause costly dental problems later on down the track, bruxism can be caused by a wide range of different issues. From stress, anxiety to taking certain medications or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, teeth grinding can be a direct result of several problems. By addressing the root cause of your bruxism first, our team will be able to target your condition head on through the right treatments, tailored exercise plans and self management advice.


Stop Teeth Grinding Today By Visiting Our Bruxism Treatment Clinic Malvern

With over 24 years of clinical experience, our team here at More Than Physio are the bruxism treatment specialists Malvern residents can rely on for the right advice and jaw joint therapy today.

Give us a call on 03 9824 8868 or book an appointment online with our physiotherapists now and start treating your bruxism.

As A Leading Practice in Melbourne's SE for Over 25 Years You can be Confident Our Expert Therapists will Get You The Results You Want