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Sleep Apnoea Treatment Malvern

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An Effective Approach To Treat Your Sleep Apnoea Today

As one of the more common sleep disorders anyone can develop as they age or gain weight, sleep apnoea can cause major problems for both your health and longevity if not treated properly. Sleep apnoea occurs when the throat muscles relax, causing loud snoring and disruptions to your sleep pattern, which prevents you from getting a goods nights rest. When it comes to finding the right sleep apnoea treatment, Malvern locals can turn to the specialists here at More Than Physio today.

Snoring Treatment & Prevention Clinic For Malvern Residents

Are you looking to manage or prevent your snoring? For the best results, we guarantee our snoring treatment services will provide Malvern residents with the most optimal outcomes. Our home sleep apnoea tests and our experienced sleep dentists will assist you to identify the reason for your snoring and the best treatments to overcome it.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment Specialists Located Near Malvern

Let the team here at More Than Physio help you manage or eliminate your sleep apnoea or snoring through the right treatment today. Malvern residents can trust our team to complete a full, comprehensive examination beforehand, while also providing you with the most up to date, lifestyle and self management advice that will prevent your sleep apnoea or snoring from returning.

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Organise a Professional Sleep Apnoea Test near Malvern

Diagnosis is the first step towards effective treatment. Through a professional sleep apnoea test, we help Malvern residents to gain a clear picture of their condition and create a personalised treatment plan moving forward. One of the ways we will test for sleep apnoea is a Home Sleep Study (HSS), which can be carried out from the comfort of your very own bed.

As is the mandate in Australia, your sleep study data is assessed by an Independent and Registered Sleep Physician. The physician will then analyse the findings and determine whether or not you have sleep apnoea. If you are interested in a home sleep study test near Malvern, please reach out More Than Physio today.

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