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Headaches Armadale


Treatment & Management Of Headaches & Migraines In Armadale

Whether you’re suffering from headaches daily or intermittently, it is important to seek out the help of a professional physiotherapist or osteopath. With over 24 years of clinical experience, our team here at More Than Physio are the headaches and migraine specialists Armadale locals can turn to for the right diagnoses and effective treatments.

Headaches can be caused by several different factors, such as poor posture, poor quality sleep, stress, anxiety, teeth clenching, tight fitting head wear and even the incorrect glasses prescription. At More Than Physio, our post-grad trained therapists will help you find the root cause of your headaches and provide you with effective treatment.

Migraine Treatment & Prevention For Armadale Residents

If you suffer from debilitating migraines, finding the cause and subsequent treatment solutions is vital for you to continue living your day to day life as normal as possible. From sensitivity to light and sound, stress, to particular foods and drinks, there are a number of reasons why you might be suffering from migraine headaches. Through effective treatment, lifestyle and self-management advice, our team can provide migraine treatment services for Armadale residents.

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Specialist Treatment For Headaches Near Armadale

At More Than Physio, our physiotherapists are here to help you find the most effective treatments for your headaches. Armadale residents can rest assured our experienced team of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths will perform a comprehensive examination of your neck, jaw and spine to determine likely contributing sources of your headache. Following this they will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to outline the next steps to successfully addressing your headaches and associated issues. Our comprehensive hands-on treatments combined with effective self help exercises and advice will help reduce the likelihood of your headaches and migraines from occurring in the future.

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Enquire About Our Migraine Treatment Services In Armadale Today

Don’t wait any longer to get in touch with More Than Physio to find out more about our professional physiotherapy and osteopathic hands-on treatment services for migraines.

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