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Spinal Physiotherapy Armadale


Manual Therapy Hands-On Spinal Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Treatments Armadale

If you’re currently suffering from back pain or spinal problems, we highly recommend getting in touch with our physiotherapists and osteopaths here at More Than Physio as soon as possible. With over 24 years of clinical experience, our post grad trained therapists can perform a wide variety of spinal physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments for Armadale locals that will aid them on their road to recovery. From lingering back pain to post surgery spinal therapy, our team has you covered. Our approach of addressing the underlying causes as well as prescribing rehabilitation exercises means that your issue is less likely to re-occur.

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The Professional Spinal Physiotherapy Specialists Based Near Armadale

As a crucial scaffolding for your body, any pain or damage that occurs along your spine can affect the overall function of your body. At More Than Physio, our expert physiotherapists and osteopaths will be able to complete a thorough examination of your back issues, providing hands-on treatments as well as lifestyle and self-management advice (including the ideal sleeping position) that will help you manage and prevent any back pain from returning. You have one spine, look after it!

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Comprehensive Spinal Examination & Physiotherapy Near Armadale

Let the team here at More Than Physio provide you with the best, spinal physiotherapy treatments near Armadale that can aid in the recovery and prevention of any future spinal injuries. By using manual therapy hands-on techniques such as spinal joint mobilisation and deep tissue massage, as well as outlining a tailored exercise plan, we guarantee our physiotherapists can help you get on the right track to recovery. You will be glad you chose us.

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Spinal Physiotherapy Services Armadale Residents Can Trust

At More Than Physio, our experienced Physiotherapists and Osteopaths can perform a vast range of comprehensive spinal physiotherapy and Osteopathic treatments. If you’re looking for a spinal physiotherapy specialist near Armadale, our team here at More Than Physio are the experts you can turn to.

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As A Leading Practice in Melbourne's SE for Over 25 Years You can be Confident Our Expert Therapists will Get You The Results You Want