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Sleep Apnoea Treatment Armadale

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Manage Your Snoring Through Our Sleep Apnoea Treatments

If your quality of sleep has begun to decline, it may be time to seek the help of a sleep medicine dentist to enquire about our sleep apnoea treatment. Based only minutes from Armadale, our TMJ / Sleep Dentists are here to help you find the most appropriate solution to your situation. Our experienced team will provide up to date medical, lifestyle and self-management advice, ensuring you are able to start making certain changes to your overall health in order to improve your sleep and reduce your overall risk of developing any complications from sleep apnoea. In addition to a comprehensive examination, our Dentists will assist with referral for further investigation to facilitate an accurate diagnosis and formulate the most clinically appropriate treatment plan.

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Professional Snoring Treatment & Prevention For Armadale Residents

Whether you’re suffering from regular snoring or sleep apnoea, there are several different health related issues that could be linked to your snoring. From certain sleeping positions, angle of your head, stress, weight to nasal obstructions, these factors are typically the leading cases for snoring. Lack of oxygen associated with upper airway resistance syndrome or sleep apnoea can cause serious medical issues and should never be ignored.

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Sleep Apnoea Treatment Available In Our Clinic Located only minutes from Armadale

At More Than Physio (and our specialised clinic Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre™), our comprehensive sleep apnoea examination and treatment services will ensure Armadale locals are able to identify and address this often overlooked serious medical issue. If you’re suffering from a severe case of sleep apnoea (based on a confirmed diagnosis), our team of Sleep Dentists can also help you formulate the most appropriate treatment plan to ensure you are still able to get a proper night’s sleep and return to better health. Don’t delay.

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Get The Results You’re Looking For Through Our Snoring Treatment Services In Armadale

With over 10 years experience, More Than Physio’s Sleep Dentists are the specialists you can turn to for your snoring treatment services. Armadale residents who are looking for a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach for their sleep apnoea or snoring problems can rely on expert team for results.

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Get a Professional Sleep Apnoea Test near Armadale

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? More Than Physio can conduct a detailed sleep apnoea test just minutes away from Armadale. One of the ways we test for sleep apnoea is through what is known as a Home Sleep Study.

Sometimes called a Home Sleep Test (HST), a Home Sleep Study (HSS) is a convenient means to investigate the quality of your nightly sleep. Our specialists can arrange a home sleep study for patients in Armadale and surrounding areas. As mandated in Australia, your sleep study data is subsequently analysed by an Independent and registered Sleep Physician. The physician will then make a formal diagnosis regarding whether you have sleep apnoea and if so, determine the level of severity.

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