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Shan Liang

Shan Liang

Shan graduated from Monash University with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy and has gained invaluable experience from observing and training in multiple private practices across Melbourne. Shan’s passion for continuously honing his clinical skills has seen him attending multiple professional development courses which in 2018-19 alone includes movement analysis, various manual therapy based courses, spinal rehab as well as dry needling/acupuncture related postgraduate courses. Shan has a special interest in functional movement patterns (how we move, and if that is efficient and normal) and incorporates movement-based assessment into his treatments via the specialized system of Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screening (FMS). This means he is well equipped to help his clients find the root cause of their pain/injuries (such as neck/back pain, headache as well as pelvic/SIJ pain) so that they can be addressed more fully. Addressing root causes helps clients achieve more normal, pain-free and efficient function so they can return to doing the activities they love. Shan is also bilingual as a fluent Mandarin speaker, making him a favourite with our clients who have a preference for communicating in Mandarin.

Outside of work, Shan is a keen photographer and an eternal student who is always reading some fascinating work of non-fiction or broadening his knowledge via podcasts.

Shan looks forward to helping you achieve your clinical goals.


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